Sunday, March 7, 2010

Starting today and everyday leading up to the event, we'll be posting 1 or 2 interviews with each of our artists. Today's artists are Ruby's Slippers and The Pink Toque. Hope you enjoy it!

Name: Amanda Beach
Business Name: Ruby's Slippers
Location: Bloomington, IN

What do you make? Baby shoes, baby bandanas, blankets, quilts, pajamas, dresses

How did you learn your art/craft? Self-taught! I've been sewing since I was a small child, and I learned techniques as I went along. I have learned how to make the items I'm selling now by sewing for my daughter, Ruby.

Where do you get your inspiration from? My daughter, my experiences as a mom, and input from my incredible group of friends.

Do you have a "real world" job? Not at the moment.

Your five favorite things: Family, friends, good food, warm weather, and fabric!

Who are your favorite artists/crafters? My husband, Payson, who is an amazing artist. I also love the excellent craftsmanship and clean design from many Japanese textile artists. I am constantly inspired by many musicians and sculptors. And I'm always amazed at the creativity of my peers in the NaturalKids Etsy Team.

Where can we find you?,
Name: Lesley Karpiuk
Business Name: The Pink Toque
Location: Greenwood, IN

What do you make? I design GEEKSOAP - soap for the geek in all of us. I also create various knit and crochet accessories.

How did you learn your art/craft? I learned soapmaking through experimentation and lots of trial and error. Tutorials online have been the biggest help for most of my crafty endeavors, though. I learned most of my knitting techniques and all of my crochet techniques from online tutorials.

Where do you get your inspiration from? I get my inspiration from my inner geek. Not only do I teach computers, but my husband is a web programmer. I've been exposed to computers and technology my entire life; my dad has been a computer database administrator for as long as I can remember, so there was always a computer to play with when I was growing up. Technology inspires me!

Do you have a "real world" job? I'm a teacher by day, crafting mad scientist by night.

Your five favorite things: 1. My family, including my husband and our two dogs 2. Tim Horton's coffee 3. sushi 4. hockey 5. rollerblading

Who are your favorite artists/crafters? There are too many to name, but I love finding and supporting local artists and crafters. The Internet has made it possible for me to discover new artists all over the world, too. Talk about even more access to inspiration!

Where can we find you? You can find The Pink Toque professional portfolio at, which contains my craft blog and a gallery of my ongoing creations. I sell my work on Etsy at

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