Sunday, March 28, 2010

Interview Day 22: Bad Ass Glass

Name: Penny Knight and Sarah Cravens
Business Name: Bad Ass Glass
Location: Indianapolis

What do you make?
Stained glass novelties: sun catchers, panels, jewelry, boxes and miscellaneous accessories.

How did you learn your art/craft?
Sarah is a self-taught artisan turned professional, and Penny has been to Sarah’s school of stained glass. They have otherwise dabbled in many art media, and have mastered a few.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Well, we started thinking about tattoo imagery, old school Sailor Jerry stuff at first. We soon expanded our thinking to include a wider realm of subversive imagery that is prevalent in the tattoo arts. There is a lot of cross over between how we consider an idea that might be odd or ironic as stained glass, in the same way people can be very inventive and radical in expressing their ideas through tattoo imagery.

Do you have a "real world" job?
Yes, Sarah, formerly of Fox Studios, has recently returned to school to complete her BFA in Art History. She currently works part time at The Aristocrat while attending classes at Herron School of Art. Sarah plays bass in the local rock ensemble Dark Matter Halos. Penny, a Herron as well as Arizona State University alumni, holds a BFA in Fine Art Photography and a Psychology minor, and currently works full time with adolescents in crisis at a local shelter, Stopover, Inc.

Your five favorite things:
Fine art, fine music, fine friends, fine food, and fine cocktails, the good stuff!

Who are your favorite artists/crafters?
That is a difficult question to answer, in part because Bad Ass Glass is a partnership. Not only do our tastes vary between the both of us, we each have such wide ranges of individually subjective interests, it is difficult to pin down faves. People ask what our favorite colors are? We say all of them! Who is our favorite musician? We ask, from which genre and according to what criteria? We are critical thinkers with open minds who love diversity yet demand quality.
We love everything outside mainstream and corporate culture, simply because we celebrate the existence of such renegades. We love History and all Fine Arts, the classics as well as the avant garde. Is it edgy? Is it handmade? Is it cool? Well then yes, of course we love it. If it digs deeper and slaps you in the face with a spin on reality that you have not yet considered, even better.

Where can we find you?

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