Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Interview Day 24: Sakura Urban

Name: Theresa Goodwin
Business Name: Sakura Urban
Location: Downtown Indianapolis

What do you make? leather handbags and accessories

How did you learn your art/craft? Believe it or not, I am a self taught seamstress. On a whim one day, I bought my very first sewing machine, book, and fabric and went home and learned to sew by following patterns. I had never even threaded a machine before!!! It was a learning experience. That was 2005. Now it's 2010 and I have learned so much since. I make my own patterns and designs... but I'm still always perfecting and learning new things about sewing.

Where do you get your inspiration from? From nature and being in the city. I find the colors that you see in both nature and an urban setting completely inspiring. It could be the way two colors compliment each other or things that you see that just "click". I also love textures.

Do you have a "real world" job? This is it! I was able to quit my job a couple of years ago and take this up full time. We have made so many professional connections and started doing trade shows. I have been able to maintain a steady income doing this so it's been perfect!

Your five favorite things: Coffee, antiques, going for walks, being in the city, and my industrial sewing machine.

Who are your favorite artists/crafters? Moop, Brooke Medlin, The Binding Bee, and Blue Scarab... to name just a few of many!

Where can we find you? You can find me in various places! Visit my "wholesale and product retailers" page on my website at http://www.sakuraurban.com/ to see the retailers that carry my work. You can also find me locally at Marigold, Girly Chic, and Relish.

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