Saturday, March 20, 2010

Interviews Day 14

Name: Greg Clarke and Christie Cooper
Business Name: Pedal Power Creations
Location: Bloomington, IN

What do you make?
We make a variety of products from recycled bottles, plastic, newspaper and cans. Mostly household items such as drinking glasses, flower vases, lamps and light fixtures, as well as decorative items such as windchimes, suncatchers, and wall pieces.

How did you learn your art/craft?
I (Greg) work for Bloomington Pedal Power picking up recycling from local restaurants, businesses and apartment complexes using our bicycle trailers. Realizing and being surrounded by so much raw materials inspired us to look for interesting new ways these items could be used, so Christie and I teamed up and drew up a bunch of ideas and figured out how to realize them as finished products. We've been learning as we go along, and coming up with lots of new ideas that need further exploration, too. It's an ongoing process, for sure.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Our creations are inspired by the raw materials that are brought to us and our exposure to new processes of working in these materials. We hope to create functional and beautiful objects that people will want to use in their homes. We are inspired by the idea of reuse and reducing waste.

Do you have a "real world" job?
Greg works for Bloomington Pedal Power and spends a lot of his time volunteering at the Bloomington Bicycle Project.

Christie is a full time student earning her BFA in Ceramics and is a part-time Nanny.

Your five favorite things:

traveling, summer, bicycles, making things, snacks

Who are your favorite artists/crafters?
Greg: My art background is mostly in photography (shameless plug: I really love Gregory Crewdson's work, and I'd have to say he's my favorite photographer. As far as crafters, I'm surrounded and always inspired by friends who make great things that they use themselves.

Christie: I am inspired by artists in almost every medium. I look at local work, things my friends and peers are making, and more well known artists. I am currently interested in the work of ceramic artists such as: Christa Assad, Alev Ebuzziya Siesbye, and Magdalene Odundo.

Where can we find you?
We are currently only selling online at

We hope to put some of our items in local stores soon!

Name: Cassandra A. Estle
Business Name: BurtaMoosner's Creations
Location: Anderson, IN

What do you make? I really enjoy working with polymer clay. I make magnets, jewelry, hairpins, brooches and so much more. I also dabble in small sculpures called aliums. I also make beaded jewelry as well.

How did you learn your art/craft? I really don't know. I think it came from here and there. I started with just regular modeling clay when I was younger and sometimes I would take berry flavored tootsie rolls and make them into little creatures.

Where do you get your inspiration from? I get my inspiration from the world around me. I like vibrant happy things and that is what I create. The world is but a canvas for our imaginations!

Do you have a "real world" job? Yes I do! Believe it or not I am a Civilian Jail Officer and also a Field Training Officer at the Madison County Jail.

Your five favorite things: God, Family, Animals, Creativeness, and Reading

Who are your favorite artists/crafters? My father is my all time favorite. I also have a whole list of Etsyers ( users) that I love and couldn't imagine picking just a few. If you like bright, happy, and fun I will enjoy your work!

Where can we find you?

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