Thursday, October 22, 2009

We got our first press!

We had a little interview with the Indiana Daily Student. You can read it here or below!

Market to feature homemade crafts
By Rick Bellovin | IDS
POSTED AT 10:25 PM ON Oct. 21, 2009

In an age where every type of material good imaginable is mass-produced, one local marketplace is seeking to be different.

Bloomington Handmade Market organizers describe it as Bloomington’s independent market for area artists to sell unique handmade crafts and goods.

What distinguishes these goods from their counterparts at any department store is the process by which they are made.

The do-it-yourself goods are handmade in homes or with small production processes, so there is no need for them to be sent away for mass-production.

Three local artists, Mia Beach, Nicole Wolfersberger and Sally Harless started the market in June 2008.

The artists were originally inspired by the crafts on display at the INDIEana Handicraft Exchange and wanted to bring the same types of homemade crafts, paintings and prints to the Bloomington area.

“There are many fairs in and around Bloomington that are geared toward more established and traditional artists,” Harless said. “We wanted to show the community just a small part of the nationwide contemporary craft movement.”

Since then, the Market has received attention and support from local do-it-yourself artists and craftsmen, along with various sponsors.

On Nov. 21, Bloomington Handmade Market will have its first show at the John Waldron Arts Center.

Artists had to apply for a limited number of spots in the show, and between 35 and 40 artists were picked to display their crafts.

Wolfersberger put out the call to artists in September and said she was surprised to see the exceeding number of people that applied.

“People really came out of the woodworks,” she said. “All the applications look great.”
The co-organizers said they have seen mostly local applicants but hope to see more from outside the state.

They plan to organize the shows twice a year – once around the holidays and once during the summer.

“It is a perfect place to not only buy unique, high-quality holiday gifts, but also to support local artists and the handmade movement,” Harless said.

Harless also said shoppers should expect a wide array of products.

“Our vendors make everything from upcycled, hand-bound journals, illustrated animal greeting cards, punk rock stained glass, sewn iPod sleeves, wooden jewelry, knitted hats and scarves, homemade bath products, silk screened shirts and ties, plush animals to hand-drawn coffee mugs,” Harless said.

There are also other outlets available for these types of crafts.

The Handmade Market in Chicago is a similar type of marketplace for do-it-yourself goods, and is a Web site where people can buy and sell handmade goods.
As for the Nov. 21 show, Wolfersberger said she’s excited.

“There is so much great stuff,” she said. “We are particularly excited about the new clothing items.”

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