Friday, September 4, 2009

Vendor Application Deadline is 2 weeks away!

Just in case you are having trouble downloading the application and FAQ, we are posting it below so that you can copy and paste it into email or as a Word document to send to us. Vendor applications are due Friday, September 18! Send them to

Application for the Bloomington Handmade Market

Your name (first and last):

Your business name:

Your telephone number:

Your mailing address:

Your email address:

Your primary business website (personal, etsy, myspace, flickr, blogspot, etc.):

A business and/or personal bio/description (3-5 sentences, in third person, and double-check spelling and grammar!) If you are accepted into the show, this will potentially be used in show promotions to represent you and your business:

What types of crafts are you interested in selling?

- Knit/crocheted Items

- Paper goods (cards, handmade books, etc.)

- Prints/photography

- Clothing

- Jewelry

- Plush

- Handbags

- Sewn Accessories

- Housewares

- Children’s Items

- Pet Items

- Bath Products

- Kits/Patterns

- Other (please specify below)

Requests to share booth space with another specific vendor (optional - see F.A.Q. for info on how to handle this.):

Requests to have a booth located next to another specific vendor (optional):

Will you need to rent (for an additional $10) a 6’ x 30” table?

_I need to rent a 6’ x 30” table

_I will be bringing my own setup

Will you be bringing your own chairs?


_I need _ chair(s) (We can provide a max of 2 per booth at no additional cost)

Total amount you will be paying if accepted ($30 for vendor booth space, +$10 if you are renting a table from us:


_$40 ($30 + $10 table rental)

***Don’t forget to attach (please do not embed the images in the application document) 3-5 quality images of your products with this application when you send it back to us via email. Make sure you send images that represent you well. These will play a big part in whether you are accepted to the fair, and may also be used to represent you in promotions for the fair. Links to high-quality Flickr images are also acceptable.


When and where is the Bloomington Handmade Market held?

  • Saturday, November 21, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. at the John Waldron Center for the Arts (122 S. Walnut Street, Bloomington, Indiana)

Where do I park?

  • There is a parking garage located across from the Waldron on 4th Street (free on Saturdays). Additionally there is limited free on-street parking available around the Waldron. If you are accepted into the market you will receive additional information about loading and unloading.

How can I be a vendor?

  • We are accepting applications now via email for the show on November 21. Deadline for application submission is Friday, September 18. Absolutely no late or incomplete applications will be considered. You can download the instructions and application as a PDF or Word document. (Click FILE then “download file as”). Fill it out and email it back to us at bloomingtonhandmademarket [at] gmail [dot] com.

I don't live in Indiana. Can I apply to be a vendor?

  • Yes! But you are responsible for checking with the Indiana Department of Revenue to make sure you obtain your Sales Tax permit and other relevant tax documents.

Why is the market juried, and how do you decide who is included?

  • The market is juried because of limited space, and because we want to showcase the best of contemporary art and craft in that space! We are looking for unique, contemporary handmade items that push the boundaries of what handmade arts and crafts can be. We consider all the applications carefully based on the images you submit and your own description of your work.

When and how will I know if my application was accepted?

  • We will notify all applicants as regards acceptance into the market via email by Friday, September 25. Your payment ($30 plus $10 if you are renting a table from us) must be received within 2 weeks of acceptance or your spot will be given to the next person on the waiting list.

Is my booth fee refundable?

  • Once you are made aware of your acceptance, you must submit your payment within two weeks. If payment is not received via PayPal (preferred) or check/money order by Friday, October 9 your spot will be immediately given to the next person on the waiting list.
  • You may request a refund, minus a $10 processing fee, until November 6. No refunds will be given after November 6
  • If you must cancel after November 6, you forfeit your fee and your space in the fair. You may not fill your spot with another vendor. We will offer the space to the next vendor on our waiting list.

What do you use the booth fee for?

  • Your booth fee of $30 covers an indoor 6' x 5' booth space, breakfast/lunch and your logo and link on our website.
  • You are responsible for providing your own display items. You may bring your own tables and chairs, but your setup must fit strictly within the allotted 6' x 5' space.
  • If you are unable or do not wish to bring your own table and chairs, you may rent them from us for an additional $10. The $10 will cover a 6' table. If you do not have your own chairs we can provide 1-2 for your booth at no additional charge; please note how many chairs you will need on your application.

Can I share my booth space with a friend?

  • Yes! But each person must submit a separate application with their own images and information. Please list one person as the main contact; this person will be the one responsible for submitting booth payment and for communicating information from the BHM to the other booth member(s).

Can I have two booth spaces for my business?

  • Unfortunately, no. We are cramped for space as it is and would like to include as many vendors as possible!

Do I need a tax number or vendor's permit?

  • Whenever money is exchanged for goods, it is important to have the right permits and keep good records. You can contact the Indiana Department of Revenue to obtain a Sales Tax Collection permit. These permits can be obtained online or by going to the office in person. The cost of the sales tax permit is $25 and is valid for two years.
  • You are also responsible for registering your small business with the IRS and collecting sales tax for the goods you sell. When taxes are due you will have to pay both income tax and sales tax for your craft sales to the state of Indiana.
  • Indiana Department of Revenue: 317-233-4015 or
  • IRS: 1-800-829-4933 or

What kinds of promotion do you do to plug the Bloomington Handmade Market?

  • Online promotions on our blog, other websites, social networking sites, etc.
  • Interviews with and features of participating artists on our blog.
  • Posting flyers both locally and around the region.
  • Cross-promotion.

I don't make anything, but I really like this idea. Can I still be involved?

  • Yes! We need volunteers to do things like help with space set-up and tear-down, running errands, and general miscellany. Please contact us at bloomingtonhandmademarket [at] gmail [dot] com if you are interested in helping out.

Who ARE you people?


  1. Oh damn! I'm going to miss this! We will be moving by the begining of Nov as my husband is getting statoned elsewhere. Good luck though and I'll repost it on my blog!

  2. Hi! Thanks for organizing this event! When should we expect to hear back once we've applied?

  3. Disregard the previous post. I got an e-mail right after I applied with the info. Thanks again!